Your chance to win a £25 Amazon voucher and have your suggested name entered into a pedigree cattle herd book.

Commissioner Billy Neilson is looking for help from children 13 years and under to name some of his calves.  Younger children may need someone to help them to send us their entry.

All the calves born in 2020 will have names that begin with the letter ‘Z’.   Billy’s grandchildren have already named one calf Zoe and as all Billy’s cattle have the herd name of Cruachan, named after the mountain behind his croft, that calf will have the pedigree name of Cruachan Zoe.

Billy also looks after a herd of pedigree Luing cattle who have the herd name of Bonawe. Again all the calves born this year in that herd will have names that begin with the letter Z and registered with the prefix Bonawe.

The herd name for each calf is shown in the photos and you can send an entry for one or both calves. (there is a £25 voucher for each calf)

The calf from the Cruachan herd is a daughter of Waive, now those of you who have read a Blog Billy wrote a couple of years ago will remember Waive as a heifer who took great delight in causing mayhem in the “Big House” gardens  so Billy is hoping her calf doesn’t follow in her mother’s hoofs!

Both calves are heifers and will be kept for stock so you’ll be able to follow their progress over the next couple of years as they grow up.

For the chance to win, enter the herd name followed by your suggestion in the “comments” on facebook or twitter, or you can private message us through facebook or twitter.   Entries can also be sent to with the word “Competition” as the subject.

The competition will run until midnight on 11 May. Thereafter all the suggested names will be emailed to the Commissioners who will pick a winner, which will be announced on 15 May.

The competition is not open to Crofting Commission employee’s children.

Please remember to entry the herd name before your suggested name.



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